I admit it… It takes a Village.

January 16, 2009 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

I secretly scorned all those people espousing the virtues of having a village available to help you raise your children.  I laughed.  I could raise my children all by myself.  That’s why I had them.  To, you know, raise them.  I absolutely detest help.  Just ask my wonderful husband.  I am the Queen of  I Can Do It All By Myself.  Except for home repairs.  I don’t do home repairs.  At least not the messy stuff.  

Now, I’m about to do something that I never (well, hardly ever) do.  I’m going to say that I am wrong, and damn it, I WANT A VILLAGE.  I desperately need one uninterrupted block of time a week without my children and someone I trust to care for them.  Someone who will reliably show up at the appointed time to whisk my beloved children off for an adventure that is solely their own.  An adventure that it seems like I haven’t been up for these days.  
So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to the nunnery.  Well, I guess there isn’t a nunnery around here.  But there is Agnes Scott.  So that’s where I’m heading.  And I’m not leaving until I find me a babysitter.  


  1. Anonymous said,

    Ya know Ang, this wasnt a problem when you lived in Richmond.. and now i live here in richmond.. free baby sitter thats family and you can trust, its like a gift from above!! hahha i think your situation is a major sign saying you need to come back to VA!!!although i must admit i might be somewhat bias, MUAH** love you~ash

  2. Gail ~ Mother, Wife, Daughter said,

    I also was the Mom with 2 daughters and no family in the area. It is hard, very hard.In one area I lived, we formed a babysitting coop of other Mom’s in the same situation. That helped.I will tell you this Angela, they do grow up and it does eventually get better 🙂Gail

  3. Denise said,

    Talking from a mom, who lived away from family, I do remember how very difficult it was to find that time. Days were very long until daddy arrived. I only wished I was closer to give you some relief but being about 14 hours away doesn’t help.Spring is coming 🙂

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