Sometimes you just have to try it.

March 10, 2009 at 4:55 pm (Uncategorized)

She begged me for one more glass of chocolate milk.  But she had already had a big one, and a sugary snack that afternoon.  I told her ice water.  She was welcome to have as much ice water as her tummy could hold.  

Apparently that wasn’t good enough.  
I disappeared from the kitchen for a bit.  I’d like to say that I was doing something productive, like laundry.  But I wasn’t.  I was probably checking for updates on my favorite bloggers.  Anyways, I returned to find a nasty looking concoction in Sunshine’s cup.  
What on Earth is that?  I tried making chocolate ice water, Mommy.  It didn’t taste very good, she said.  
Well, thank goodness for that.  

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    My laugh for the morning. Thank you for sharing and give her a big hug. Grandma just loves reading your blog.

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