May 4, 2009 at 7:57 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m sure most of you have noticed that I’m having a lot of difficulty managing this new lifestyle.  One the one hand this is the most exhilarating time of our lives.  It’s terribly exciting, this business of creating a business.  On the other, it’s terrifying.  I’ve spent too much time worrying lately.  Have I filled out this form?  What else can I do?  Will this work?  It’s consumming.  But enough about that…

I saw something on the way home today that has bothered me all day long.  I pass a small church, and on their marquee it read, “The Best Academy is A Mother’s Knee.”  I know discipline is such a personal topic in families.  And I would never dream of telling someone else how to parent their children.  It just makes me sad that they’re telling everyone who passes by that it’s OK to hit a child.  Disciplining a child is so very important, but the method is even more so.  I mean, come on, teaching a child not to hit by hitting them?  That’s just so very confusing.  We try really hard to make the punishment fit the crime.  It takes a ton of creativity, but so, so, so much more effective than spanking.
Our little girls have suddenly become night owls.  Used to be I could put them to bed at 7:30 and not hear from them again until 7 am.  The other night we found Sunshine sitting at the top of the stairs at 10:30.  How she managed to keep herself quiet while we ate popcorn is beyond me.  Now I know we are not immune from the after bed requests for water, food, one more story, cuddles, and world peace.  Makes me think the makers of Ambien should invest a little R&D in a child version.  
The girls and I had a picnic the other day with one of her classmates.  Sunshine and her little friend got into a huge tiff not too long after we finished eating.  The problem?  Sunshine wanted to play horse, and her little friend wanted to play pony.  They compromised by playing mice.  Seriously?  I couldn’t make this stuff up.
We finished up our garden planting last week.  Yippee.  I’m so excited about having fresh tomatoes again.  We’re branching out this year:  eggplant, squash, cucumbers.  Thanks to the copious amounts of rain we’ve gotten lately, you can almost see the plants growing.  Drought?  Who says we’re in a drought?  The bad news about the last few years of drought and the tons of rain we’ve gotten lately is that the trees are falling.  In very large numbers.  Along my route, or any route for that matter, to Sunshine’s school.  And because we’re not too bright here in Georgia, none of the power lines are buried.  So they’re coming down too.  I actually saw someone standing on their RV holding up a power line so that others could drive under it.  Like I said, lots of candidates for the Darwin Awards down here.  
Thanks for bearing with me lately.  I promise I’ll eventually get back into the swing of things.  I might even post pictures tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous said,

    I agree with the commenters on the interpretation of the sign

  2. Anonymous said,

    I also thought that about the knee…

  3. ross321 said,

    Ok, thought the same thing as Denise. You’re not shy, Ang. Stop and ask the church what they mean.

  4. Denise said,

    OK, humor me… Academy of a Mother’s Knee – can it be that a child sits on her mother’s knee to learn, or stands by her knee to follow her? I guess I would hate to think that a church is condoning ‘hitting’??

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