Happy Birthday, Ladybug

June 11, 2009 at 6:12 am (Uncategorized)

My darling Ladybug,

Today you’re two.  And boy do I know it.  Your turbulent twos started yesterday.  Defiance meet spitting and hitting.  That’s OK though.  You’re just testing your limits.  It would be lovely if you could limit it to the morning hours.  It tends to make me grumpy at night. 
You’re absolutely fearless.  You hang on monkey bars, plunge headfirst down slides, insist on swinging as high as possible, on the big girl swings.   You never hesitate to follow your sister, copying her movements.  You also never hesitate to tell her when she’s wrong about something.  I’m so glad that you can hold your own with her.  
You love to be in Sunshine’s bed.  Sometimes I find you there during nap time.  And lately?  Sunshine has been complaining that you get into her bed at night.  I know you just love to cuddle with her.  You never hesitate to comfort Sunshine if you think she needs a hug.  
You recently learned how to say I love you.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to hear you say I love you too, Mom.  And yes, you call me Mom.  You picked it up from Sunshine, and no matter how many times I tell you Mommy, you still call me Mom.  What’s in name though?
Potty training you depends on the day.  There are some days where all you want to do is use that bathroom.  And then there are others.  Those other days?  Well, you will stand in front of the bathroom, stare me down with your arms crossed, and pee on the floor.  A little stock tip for you?  Sparkle paper towels.  Going to be worth a fortune soon.  
You delight in all things animal.  You’re so gentle with Macy, Jake, and Emmit that they don’t run away when you approach them.  They don’t even cower.  I’m waiting for the day when one of them decides that it’s you they want to cuddle with at night.  
Well, you’re going to be up any moment now.  Your first request will probably be for tea.  Your second, oatmeal.  And this morning?  You won’t have to wait on the internet.  
Love you to the moon and back!


  1. Jennifer said,

    Your letter was beautiful and your daughter is gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous said,

    So its been ubber hectic the past couple of days,but i managed to catch up on the blog once again..(phew!)

    1st Happy Bday Anna Grace, im glad you love the dress!!

    2nd I find it intriguing how you an sharon always seem to make fun ofme at 23 yrs for still referring to our mom as mommy.. and yet you hang on merely hoping for the chance lady bug/sunshine might utter the name.. maybe i might hear a lil less comments from the peanut gallery next time.. butthen you wouldnt be my big sis, huh!
    <3 you anyway! ;)

  3. Anonymous said,

    Tears…..miss her…and you!

    Love…Aunt Sharon

  4. Cassie said,

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I hopethe day is super special.

    I hope we can see eachother soon!

  5. ross321 said,

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest little Ladybug ever! Wishes for a super day.. We love you to pieces. Love Aunt Kirha, Uncle Don, Kaitlyn and Heather.

  6. natasha the exile on Mom Street said,

    Happy, happy day to you, Miss Ladybug!

    I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Happy Birthday Ladybug! PaPa

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