Strangely Weird and Weirdly Strange Part 1

August 17, 2009 at 3:22 pm (Uncategorized)

 Sometimes I think I’m surrounded by quirkiness.  Ladybug HAS to sleep with two extremely hot, fuzzy blankets.  Said blankets must be perfectly straight.  Heaven forbid they fall because there will be hell to pay.  Oh, and baby.  Or WaWa as Ladybug likes to call her.  WaWa has to be tucked in next to Ladybug, under her own blanket, but not disturbing Ladybug’s blankets.  And the water?  Oh, the water.  It must be ice cold.  And tucked neatly under the fuzzy, hot blankets.  Afternoon sleep will only occur if all of the above stated conditions are met.  But sometimes not even then.  Today being one of those days.  

The fearless Ladybug.  The one who bravely climbs to the top of the playground equipment all by herself, sliding down poles and slides that her sister is hesitant around.  This fearless Ladybug squeals like the little girl that she is if she thinks that a bug might even be in the nearby vicinity.  I have to try so hard not to laugh, because that would embarrass her.  But seeing her throw back her head and howl THE BUG! THE BUG! is funny beyond words.  
Sunshine is no less quirky.  It starts every morning with the panties.  Should she wear these panties?  But she might want to save them for a play date.  And does the pink in this pair match the dress that she wants to wear?  The pattern doesn’t matter, just the color.  Stripes with polka dots?  Great, as long as they have the same color.  Then it’s the outfit.  She wants to be pretty, but not messy pretty.  I’m still not sure what messy pretty is, but I’m fairly positive it’s an unintended consequence of our infrequent America’s Next Top Model rerun watching.  Daytime TV really is lousy.  But it’s better than her walking up to someone on the street and asking if they know who their baby daddy is.  I do have standards.
She likes her drinking water served warm, and her shower water cold.  I know.  She can’t possibly be my kid, right?  She’ll devour weird seafood like squid and octopus.  But chicken?  Only when Mars and Jupiter are in alignment on the 2nd day of the 5th month, and it’s raining. She keeps me constantly on my toes.  I just never know how she’ll respond to something.  Today she spent much time telling me that she wanted to be a mom and a cook when she grows up, but only if she doesn’t have to have any children.  Because then her tummy would grow big, and so she just wants to be a mom to dog children.  Apparently having a big tummy would not be messy pretty. 
And that brings me to my dear husband who also always keeps me on my toes.  Apparently our laughing over the photo I posted on Saturday was supposed to tell me that he didn’t want me to post it.  Ooops.  Must have missed that.  Selective hearing, you know.  So, honey, this is for you.  

*Sorry, Mom.  But you have to admit, we do look a lot alike!


  1. My Kids' Mom said,

    I popped over from Motherhood Uncensored this morning (the from Atlanta part caught my eye- I’m here too) and I’ve read much of your blog. I appreciate your courage to post photos- I’m way too wimpy to show my face!

  2. Anonymous said,

    I think we are now even on embarrassing photos. Thanks for posting that.

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