Lead, Follow, or Step Aside…

November 3, 2010 at 9:11 pm (Ladybug, sisters)

For me, the decision to put Ladybug in Sunshine’s class this year was not even a question.  Of course they belonged together.  Sunshine’s classroom was the classroom that Ladybug saw each and everyday.  Her teacher greeted Ladybug each day like she was a member of the class.  It was only natural that when it came time for her to start school, she start in this class.

Her teacher did not feel the same way.  It took me months to convince her that this would work, that the girls could each be their best in the class, that the older one wouldn’t overshadow the younger one.  And I don’t think she was truly on board.  Until this week.

It was Ladybug’s turn to be the host.  Her turn to choose what snack the children would have that day, to pick a helper who would help her prepare the snack, to arrange the flowers that would make the classroom beautiful.  And Sunshine Could. Not. Wait. to be Ladybug’s helper.  And yesterday morning went a little something like this…

Sunshine: Ladybug, Can I be your helper?  Please?  I really want to be your helper.

Ladybug:  Yes!  We’re going to have cucumbers.  I love cucumbers.

Sunshine:  No, I want to have grapes.  Could we have grapes.  I don’t want to have cucumbers.

Ladybug:  No, Sunshine, we’re having cucumbers for snack today.  If you don’t want cucumbers, I will find someone else to be my helper.

And she did.

And I could not have been more proud.


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