Diaper Woes

October 9, 2008 at 10:51 am (Diapers, Ladybug)

***WARNING*** This post includes information you may not want about my second daughter.  

So I’ve been having a problem lately.  Ladybug absolutely can’t keep her hands out of her diaper.  Sounds gross, I know.  It really kind of came upon us in stages.  First it was just when we changed her diaper.  I can handle that.  We wash hands after changing.  Her giddiness when learning that it is time to change said diaper actually makes it funny.   And now I can actually get her to wipe her own bottom.

Next came the hands in the leg hole of the diaper.  Didn’t so much mind it when we were at home.  We wash hands often.  However, it became a little excessive when she spent our entire hour at Target with her hands in her diaper.  No amount of my pulling her hands away could make her stop.
It progressed even further.  Now she really relishes taking her diaper off in her crib.  Kind of a downer to reach in for my beautiful little girl in the pitch dark and feel a naked, wet bottom.  However, Ladybug even managed to top that one.  I picked her up from her crib the other day after nap time.  Everything seemed normal.  It didn’t feel like her diaper needed to be changed.  I took her downstairs and proceeded to start trimming her nails, and noticed something brown on her fingers.  Surprisingly I didn’t think too much about it.  Until I realized what it was.  When pants prevented her from removing her diaper, my sweet little girl had managed to empty out her diaper for me.  I went back upstairs and the mess at the foot of her crib confirmed my suspicions.  I’ll never look at black beans the same way again, and I love black beans.
So, how early is too early to potty train?  I’m very much in the child-led potty training camp.  Kids generally know when they’re ready to start, and you can’t really force my kids to do anything that they’re not ready for.  But this is getting ridiculous.  She knows when she is going.  She’ll stop everything just to put her hands in her diaper and feel herself going.  Ask her if she’s going potty and her whole body will shake “YES”.  This sounds like readiness, doesn’t it?  Goodness knows I’d love to get rid of the Pampers, especially since she’s not really letting them do their job in the first place.  Just not so excited about the exponential increase in dirty laundry.  

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